Humminbird vs Lowrance vs Garmin : Sonar Marine Electronics

we are gonna Show you we’re you’re here today to show our guys about sooner teach us about San our and you said something I asked you I’m gonna ask you again immediately what electronics are you using Garmin Fishfinder GPS Combo on your Boat so this year was really exciting on behalf of me because I’m an enormous proponent of selecting the proper tool for the proper job and that doesn’t necessarily mean going with one brand over all that you simply know necessarily in fact every brand makes an excellent product and that is why I find yourself using multiple brands.

 I actually work with a corporation retailer called bass Chartplotters for Small Boats electronics calm and that they sell all the main brands and that they set me up with a hummingbird to Lawrence’s and a garment so I run three different brands got it covered Wow so I can III I are you able to know I do have a touch little bit of expertise within the different technology that’s available albeit it’s just with one brand you recognize that has proprietary right yeah so explained to me and every one the viewers why hummingbird may be a far superior sonar GPS Fish Finder Garmin you they’re a superb you recognize I began using hummingbird units they I won’t lie that they are great because they need a really simple interface people seem to figure with them rather well they’re easy to quite undergo the various options they need the presets on tons of their units.

so they are a very good unit to use within the ir mega imaging is Outstanding I mean that technology of using you recognize that that basically high frequency a sign creates specialized images on down scan in the inside imaging excellent well I mean obviously you recognize we work with home again we love hummingbird we all know they create an excellent product but how did how does one use each brand and tell us that how and why are using this technology up that I even have it’s .

 so if anything goes wrong the hummingbird is quite my rock yeah it is the root so that is what i exploit i exploit that primarily for my mapping you recognize i exploit my Avionics’ maps on their activate the sonar chart layer then i exploit it for my 2d sonar through-hole I actually unfortunately took the side imaging off of it you recognize that transducer isn’t working on behalf of me because I’m using it on the Lawrence immediately just the way it quite sends up on the other hand I even have to Lawrence units those are quite the backbone of my Way point management of my navigation and you recognize my fine tuning finding the GPS Fish Finder and therefore the before the structure and the cover that I’m looking to fish that is what i exploit because Lawrence does a very good job at managing way points and tracks and things like that they are specialized thereupon .

 So I even have those two lecture one another on the other hand on the Bow you recognize once you rise up on the bow you actually need a tool that permits you to ascertain the maximum amount as humanly possible to undertake you recognize what’s ahead of the boat and Fish Finder GPS Combo did a superb job with you recognize their 360 and therefore the other brands out there are gonna you recognize adopt obviously because it is a great technology and that is quite the deal immediately it’s outstanding for be able. it starts to you recognize where you’ve got a solid wall of grass.

that just dissipates at Seminole the foremost recent event on Seminole i used to be using it in 25 foot of water fishing a creek ledge in Spring Creek and much of timber so it but I found this one area that had a really steep drop with the Panoptix live scope so I could just quite comb around find exactly where it got steepest and where I had the foremost trees growing thereon and that i could actually see the GPS Fish Finder thereon drop once I can make that nice ice cast and be ready to catch that fish so it really allows you to fine-tune everything on the bow but that sort of brings me to subsequent point is you recognize Panoptix shows you each or that forward-looking Sonar is what we should always call it because it isn’t you recognize everybody’s getting to be ready to utilize this technology and different brands within the future but it’s essentially it shows you an excessive amount of like why sometimes you only are captivated by it you only constantly check out it and like fit it shows.

You fishing everything yeah you would not believe the biomass that’s in these areas that you are not getting bit in it so it’s overwhelming and sort of a ll tool any sonar technology any you recognize electronics that we use you would like to be ready to just take the knowledge with a grain of salt and not get too trapped in it you would like to use it as a tool and not let it use you recognize like a computer game right you cannot get too trapped therein because ultimately.

I was saying most of the time an enormous one he’ll just come up and a bit like almost like he just quite takes it up there welcome to where you’ll learn tramp and bass fishing techniques from pro anglers Pete glue sec mike I atonally within the re touted special guests from on the water to within the classroom you’ll learn some techniques and powerful fundamental bass fishing skills watch hours of video content on multiple topics at your own pace for a coffee monthly fee cancel at any time information is power in the sport of fishing so learn from the absolute best Visit to today.